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Personalised embossed dog tag set with bottle opener

This is an authentic US military style dog tang set produced using a stainless steel...


Personalised authentic US Military embossed stainless steel dog tags - 1975 to present day

Personalise your own set of genuine US Army dog tags, complete with custom embossed text,...


Personalised laser etched British forces dog tags

Personalised British armed forces dog tags with laser etched text.



This dog tag set is designed specifically for children so that parents or carers can...


Personalised shiny stainless steel US military dog tags

Use the green 'CUSTOMISE AND BUY' button to start building your tags.


Personalised black PVD coated US Special Forces dog tags

Black PVD coated US special operations forces dog tags with personalised embossed text.



Set of US military stainless steel dog tags, includes two tags with custom embossed text,...


Personalised camo design US Army dog tags

Disrupt your visual traces as much as possible with our personalised camo dog tags.


Personalised solid sterling silver US army dog tags

Solid sterling silver army dog tags are the point at which jewellery meets military style...


Personalised solid cartridge brass US army dog tags

Personalised solid cartridge brass US army dog tags offer a warmer coloured, sounding and feeling...


Personalised red medical ID dog tags with star of life logo

Wear your vital medical information embossed on these highly visible red medical alert dog tags....


Small pet military style I.D. dog tag

These dog tags are smaller in size and perfect for small dogs and cats.


Military style pet I.D. dog tag

Ideal for medium to larger pets, our 304 grade stainless steel pet dog tags are...


Skull Dog Tags

The perfect goth accessory - a set of stunning black metallic dog tags, with a...



Our Plain Dog Tag Sets are all double sets in the military style and all...


ACU Bikesport UK embossed military style dog tag set

Our embossed US Army dog tags with aluminium chains have been approved for use by...



Choose from a fantastic range of brightly coloured tags and chains. Using our tag builder,...


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