Personalised solid cartridge brass US army dog tags


Solid Brass Dog Tags
- Made from solid cartridge brass
- Fully customisable
- Each set contains 2 dog tags
- Each set includes a 69cm neck chain & 11.5cm short chain
- Optional silencers

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Personalised solid cartridge brass US army dog tags offer a warmer coloured, sounding and feeling alternative to the regular stainless steel dog tags.

Conforming to the exact same dimensions and embossed in the exact same way as the steel tags these are a high quality item.

Due to it's slightly different properties, the brass tags actually emboss a little deeper than steel.

Cartridge brass has a distinctly warmer colour, sound and feel to it but a similar durability to steel.

It's also completely rust free but does develop a patina over time as with any brass item. 

Customise and Buy

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