Brass chain set


Lot de chaîne en cuivre Dog Tags
- Cuivre massif
- Boules de 2.4mm de diamètre
- Livré avec deux chaînes: une longue de 27 pouces et une chaîne courte de 4.5 pouces. Disponible à l'unité ou avec une plaque
- Fermoir de haute qualité
- Résistante

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Our Solid brass dog tag chain set Includes one long 27 inch neck chain and one 4.5 inch short link chain with connectors and a 2.4mm ball diameter.

These chains are hard wearing and strong to minimise potential breakages to your chain.

These are our own branded Graphotype chains manufactured in the USA specially for us with our logo on the connectors by a GSA approved (US government) supplier.

The chains have a fastener on one-end and the ball at the other end of the chain simply clips into the fastener. If you have any problems fastening the chains, please check the insert in the packaging, or see our FAQ page.

Solid brass dog tag chains work particularly well with metallic and dark colour finished dog tag sets. We offer a fully customisable solid cartridge brass dog tag set which is perfect for these dog tags. This chain set also works fantastically with bright, colourful dog tags and traditional camo or black army dog tags.



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