Custom embossed US military style copper dog tags


Solid copper military dog tag set

- Solid copper rolled edge dog tags
- Includes 2 copper plated brass chains – 69cm & 11.5cm
- Includes 2 silencers – choose from a range of colours
- Fully customisable with your own embossed message

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Solid copper tags with copper plated brass chains embossed with your choice of custom message.

Many people believe they feel benefits when wearing copper items.

The tags have a military-style rolled edge, and come with a choice of silencer colour.

Copper dog tags work well with steam punk styles, and can be used in milsim (airsoft sports military simulations) with a very different look. Copper provides an aged and authentic robust look. Copper military dog tags are actually fairly uncommon within militaries worldwide but make for a fantastic look and feel as part of any outfit or just as a unique personalised gift.

Each copper dog tag set comes with two tags embossed with a message of your choice. Typical military composition is surname, first name, initials and blood group, unit and religious preferences. But don’t let that limit you are embossing customisation service let’s you put absolutely anything you like onto your tags. The tags have rolled edges in the same exact style of military tags and sets include a silencer, available in a wide range of colours. The sets include two chains – one wrist chain and one neck chain so that you can wear it however you choose.

Customise and Buy

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