XL Stainless steel chain set


Chaîne très longue Dog Tags
- Chaîne longue de 110 cm
- Chaîne courte de 11.5 cm
- Idéal pour suspendre des objets volumineux
- La chaîne descend plus bas que les colliers plaques militaires traditionnelles
- Fabriqué en acier inoxydable 304
- Boule de 2.4mm de diamètre

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Stainless steel chain set including an extra long 110 cm chain for hanging larger items, or if you just want the plates to hang lower than normal.

These very long chains can also be cut using cutters or scissors to allow you to choose your own chain length. Incredibly strong and durable 2.4mm diameter chains in 304 stainless steel. Includes a long neck chain of 110cm and a short chain of 11.5cm with a clasp.

These are our own Graphotype chains made in the United States and by a supplier approved by the GSA (American government) and designed specially for us, with our logo on the clasp.

Guaranteed nickel free and similar to the plates delivered to the American forces. The chains have a tie at one end and a ball at the other end of the chain which simply clips into the tie.

If you have problems attaching our chains, please check the instruction manual in the package or see our FAQ page.

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