Holly's army double tag set, embossed ID tag and supporters tag with split rings.


Support Canine Arthritis management with this custom set of dog tags.

One tag can be personalised with your pet's details and the other includes the Holly's Army and Canine Arthritis logos to show your support for this fantastic organisation.

Also includes two split rings to fix the tags to a collar as well as a pair of colourful yellow and blue rubber silencers.

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Canine artritis

This item includes one stainless steel dog tag that can be personalised with your pet's information as well as a second Holly's Army supporters tag.  


Arthritis is a condition that can affect many dogs, effecting the way they walk and causing pain when not handled correctly.


These tags are a fashionable, yet practical way of informing everyone about this condition and in doing so, ensuring the best possible care is given to our beloved pets.


Purchasing this tag also supports Canine Arthritis management (CAM), a company committed to promoting better care of our ageing canine friends.


It is believed that through education, this disease can be better tackled to give our dogs longer, healthier lives free from pain; challenging arthritis as the major cause of elective euthanasia in the UK.


Please see https://caninearthritis.co.uk/ for more information.

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