James 'Bucky' Barnes WW2 dog tag set


WW2 James Bucky Barnes debossed stainless steel dog tags

- 2 X Stainless steel debossed dog tags with Bucky Barnes inscription
- Stainless Steel neck and toe chains

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1941-1943 US Army dog tags with James 'Bucky' Barnes inscription.

Thanks to some hard work by fans this tag set is as close as we can possibly get to the ones James Bucky Barnes would have worn.

Having been enlisted into the Army on September 21, 1942, Bucky would have been issued with the November 1941- July 1943 style of tags.

The specification of the set is as follows:

2 X Notched Stainless steel dog tags (50 x 28mm)
1 X 69cm 2.4mm neck chain
1 X 11.5cm X 2.4mm toe chain

The tags are debossed with our period correct manual equipment.

Text is read from the flat side with the hole to the right.

Bucky's tags would have included the following information:

LINE 1:         First name of soldier, second initial, surname
LINE 2:         Army serial number, tetanus immunization, tetanus toxoid, blood type
LINE 3:         Name next of kin
LINE 4:         Address, number, street, next of kin
LINE 5:         Address, city, state + religion

Bucky's service number is known to be 32557038 as it’s referenced in one of the companion comics.

This number is plausible, the comic writers obviously did their homework.

The 3 indicates that James was drafted and the 2 shows that it was from an area consisting of Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.

The number actually corresponds to a real service number. The man with that number was enlisted at an intake facility on September 21, 1942 which is where we get Bucky's date of enlistment.

Based on shots of the tags in moves his blood type was most likely 'B' and Religion 'P' (Protestant).

Bucky’s tags would have included his next of kin, His father’s name was George.

His home address is unknown so a random location in Brooklyn Heights, New York has been used.

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