Personalised WW2 pre '65 notched US army dog tags


WW2 notched army dog tags
- Exact replica of WW2 GI tags
- Set of two notched tags
- One chain set including a long and short chain
- Made from 304 grade stainless steel
- Fully customisable

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Personalised WW2 PRE '65 replica notched army dog tags embossed with your custom message.

Notched dog tags were designed to allow the transfer of GI’s details quickly and easily to medical records. They were introduced in World War 2 as a way to hold the identifying information on dog tags in place whilst an imprinter was used to transfer the information onto patient records. The notch allowed the tags to be placed into a special imprinter that would hold them in place during the transfer. They were aligned by medics into equipment similar to a credit card imprinter today. The Addressograph model 70 imprinter, which our sister company offers, is still in use throughout the world.

The tags are the perfect way to complete your re-enactment outfit, your milsim or airsoft outfits or as a gift of remembrance for yourself or loved ones.

You can emboss up to 5 lines of text up to 13 characters on each tag.

This tag set consists of two tags embossed with your own personal message as well as long and short stainless steel chains.

As with all of our products, these tags are embossed on our genuine US military electric embossing machines and the tags and chains are sourced from the USA from GSA (US government) approved vendors (demonstrated by 'USA' being stamped on the chain connectors).

The tags shown in the images follow the correct format for a member of the US Marines Corps.

The general format for a standard military tag is as follows:

Line 1: Surname
Line 2: First name, initials, Blood group
Line 3: Social security number
Line 4: Unit (eg. USMC for US marine corps), gas mask size (S, M, L, XL)
Line 5: Religious preference (or "NO PREFERENCE")

Of course you aren't limited to a replica set of tags, You can use our tag builder to design your tags with whatever message you choose, or even choose a contrasting chain colour.

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