Heavy Duty Personalised black 25mm dot marked stainless steel pet ID tag


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2 4.79
5 4.49
10 4.24
25 3.99
50 3.49
100 2.99

- 25mm Stainless steel tag for small to medium sized pets
- Heavy duty 1mm thick stainless steel
- Personalised dot peen marked text for ultimate durability
- Text front only or front and back
- Durable black DLC hard coated finish
- 5 lines of text on each side

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25mm x 1mm stainless steel pet ID tag with a black DLC hard coating and dot peen marked text.

These tags support up to 5 lines of text and up to 15 characters per line.

Choose either text on one side only or both sides using the drop down box.

25mm (1 inch) diameter tags like these are quite small and ideal for smaller sized dogs and cats. For larger dogs please see our 36mm tags.

Dot peen marked text uses a tungsten carbide tip to punch small dots into the metal marking out the letters and numbers.

It's an incredibly durable method of marking which is basically impossible to remove.

See also out black DLC laser etched dog tags which has text that's slightly less durable but a bit easier to read.

This type of marking only supports one font style and a limited character set so if you plan to use anything non english alphabet, the laser etched tags are recomended.

Simply enter the text you would like in the text boxes above.

Choose between text on the front only or front and back using the drop down box.

When we make the tags, we will size the text according to how much you have included to make sure the tag is filled and the text is as clear as it can be.

Includes 25mm split ring for fastening the tag to your pet's collar.

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