Personalised Royal Marines fibre dog tags


Royal Marines fibre rubber dog tags

- Personalised with your details
- Hand stamped
- Red and black fiber rubber tags
- Micro paracord necklace (olive drab or black)

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British Royal Marines fibre rubber dog tags hand stamped with your message.

Credit to John O. who helped us recreate the tags he was issued with during his service with the Royal Marines in the 70s and 80s.

Issued to Marines to avoid heat transfer when fire fighting.

When engaged in fire control wearing protective gear, it was found that steel tags can heat up dangerously and cause burns.

The Navy issued these fibre rubber tags (as used in WW2) to Marines instead of the more common steel tags as they don't retain heat to nearly the same degree.

Each set includes:

-38mm X 1.5mm red fibre rubber dog tag with personalised text.

-38mm X 33mm X 1.5mm black fibre rubber dog tag with personalised text

-Micro paracord necklace (Choice of Olive drab green or Black)

-Hand stamped

Tags issued to Marines included:



-Religion (eg: 'C E', 'C of E', 'R C', 'ATH' etc)

-Service number

Add your initials, surname, religion and service number in the text boxes and we will make the tags with the layout as shown in the images.

You can choose any message you'd like though, please email us at [email protected] if you'd like something a bit different stamped on the tags.

Bear in mind that you are limited to A-Z and 0-9, (no punctuation)

Neck cord

Since no particular cord was issued for the purpose, John used the cord that came with his suitcase keys to hang the tags around his neck.

We've replicated that with a high quality US made micro paracord.

Choose from an olive drab green or black cord using the drop down box.

Choose the length of the cord using the drop down box. Standard length is 69cm which is suitable for the average soldier but may not be ideal for smaller or larger individuals.

Choice of length:

S = 45cm

M = 69cm

L = 90cm

XL = 110cm

As with the original tags issued to Marines, these tags are hand stamped. As a result characters may be out of alignment however this adds to the authenticity!

Ordering your tags is as easy as ABC