Personalised RAF Royal Air Force stainless steel dog tags


RAF dog tag set

- 2 X Stainless steel 38mm x 0.9mm tags
- Dot peen marked
- 6 Lines of text
- Stainless steel neck and toe chains

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Personalised stainless steel dog tags with dot peen marked text. Exact replicas to those issued to RAF personnel.

These tags differ from the regular British Forces tags by having 6 lines of text (rather than 5). The 6th line is used to add 'RAF'.

In addition the layout of the information on these tags is different (as follows):

Line 1: Service number

Line 2: Surname

Line 3: Initials

Line 4: Religious preference (CE / RC / ATH etc.)

Line 5: Blood type

Line 6: 'RAF'

Choose the exact military layout or something else of your choosing. Simply enter your message in to the text boxes. You can choose the same message on both tags or the same, the choice is yours.

These tags don't normally include silencers, however they do make the tags a bit more comfortable to wear so use the drop down box to choose a set of silencers in the colour of your choice for an addition 50p if you'd like them.

Bear in mind that line 6 will be partially covered by the silencer.

Featuring UK made 38mm X 0.9mm surgical 316 stainless steel tags and US made 304 grade stainless steel chains this tag set uses the highest quality parts.

Each set includes:

2 X 38mm X 0.9mm surgical 316 stainless steel tags

1 X 69cm X 2.4mm stainless steel neck chain

1 X 11.5cn X 2.4mm 'toe' chain

We use a high quality dot peen marking system to permanently mark the tags with the text of your choice.


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