Personalised special forces black US army dog tags


Special Forces Dog Tags
- Black coated for for that special forces look
- Anodised aluminium for a strong, durable finish
- One 27 inch neck chain
- One 4.5 inch wrist chain
- Customisable

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Personalised special forces black army dog tags embossed with your custom message.

Get the special forces look with these stylish black tags, as featured in popular military games. American Special Forces began spraying their tags black during special operations in the Vietnam war to reduce visibility. These are the style of tags used my marine forces and the SAS as they prevent any shine of light in day and night conditions providing exceptional camouflage.

Fully customisable

Our special forces dog tags are designed to make it easy for you to add in any information you like across 5 lines with up to 13 characters per line. The typical information included for special forces dog tags runs something like the below but you can add any information you want to your tags.

US Special Forces Dog Tags

Line 1: Surname

Line 2: First name, initials, Blood group

Line 3: Social security number

Line 4: Unit (eg. USMC for US marine corps), gas mask size (S, M, L, XL)

Line 5: Religious preference (or "NO PREFERENCE")


 Our black tags are made from aluminium and are coloured using anodisation, a chemical process that uses electrolysis to change the surface of the metal: it makes the metal more resistant to corrosion, and the addition of dye during the anodisation process produces a rich colour that is sealed into the surface of the metal. The colour won't rub off, even in water, and it won't crack, or flake.

If your interests are in milsim (military airsoft simulations) then definitely order some of these. It's a great hobby to get into and if you have the kit and uniform, you'll want the right special force tags to hide out in the dark and surprise your opponents.



Customise and Buy

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