Welcome to Armydogtags, where we supply authentic US Army style dog tags, embossed with your choice of message, using the latest GSA (US Government) approved high speed embossing machines.

Use our Tag Builder page to design, preview and order your own personalised set of tags. Mix and match from our wide range or tags, silencers and chains to choose a set that's unique to you.

We offer accurate replica US Army stainless steel dog tags, or you can choose from a range of specialised tags, including black Special Forces tags, notched stainless steel, brass, copper, coloured anodised aluminium or even anodised camo tags.

You name it, we've done it or seen it done with dog tags! Their uses are endless: as jewellery, for stag and hen nights, ID for adventure sports, event souvenirs / tickets, child ID tags, fancy dress, luggage labels, a special message, online gamer ... or even as tags for dogs!

Dog tags are also the ideal gift, being personalised, wearable and of enduring quality.

We've been producing dog tags for over 10 years and have built up a strong reputation as the top source for anything dog tag related outside of the USA.

We have close ties to the approved suppliers of embossing machines and dog tag supplies to the US Army. This allows us to guarantee a quick turnaround as our equipment is always in top condition and we always have the stock needed to process your order.

In addition to embossed text tags we've also worked for some of the biggest brands in the world producing promotional dog tags... see our promos and events pages for more details.

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Our tags have been approved by the Auto-cycle Union Bikesport GB for use as road race competitor ID tags.

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