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Armydogtags Ltd has been manufacturing dog tags since 2005.

The business was launched when our founder was working for the American company that supplies the US military with it's tag embossers (as well as numerous other armies around the world).

Being in a parallel division he was introduced to the military embossers while on a trip to visit management in the USA. It quickly became apparent that the military tag embossers were similar to the industrial embossing equipment he was already familiar with and the idea to buy some dog tag embossers and start production was born.

Armydogtags supports and maintains all of it's own embossing equipment in house thanks to it's direct links to the manufacturers.


Being so close to the equipment suppliers to the US military, Armydogtags is privy to all of the correct specifications that are applied to the dog tags used by the US forces.

As a result we can confidently say that outside the US there is no other supplier producing such a consistently high quality of product.

Armydogtags also takes great care to only source tag supplies from GSA certified (US military approved) vendors. There are many companies supplying cheap 'novelty' dog tags but for the real thing Armydogtags is the only source that can genuinely be relied on.

In addition to producing totally correct 'classic military' dog tags we have also developed our own range of specialist dog tags. Our range includes some genuinely unique and exciting products such as our Special forces DLC and Camo tag sets.

Our Graphotype™ range of tags feature a custom branded chain connector so you can be sure you are getting the real thing.

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We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery and excellent customer service, so whatever you need, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. We try very hard to get your tags in the post within 24 hours, and if we do make a mistake with your embossing (it happens very occasionally!) please tell us and we’ll send you replacement tags with no quibbling.


In line with military specifications, our machines can emboss the following characters:

Latin alphabet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (capitals only)
Numbers 0123456789
Punctuation marks , . / ; ' -

We do have the ability to emboss certain additional characters so if you are really keen to include @ & or # then drop us a line.


We aim to ship all our tags within 1 working day.

We offer a variety of shipping options depending on the destination. Check our delivery page for more details:


We take security of your personal information very seriously. All credit card payments are processed securely via Worldpay and we do not see your card details. Embossing details supplied to us are held for 30 days (to aid in the investigation of any errors), after which they are deleted.

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Phone: 0800 1337625
Email: contact@armydogtags.co.uk

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