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We've created our range of personalised pet ID tags with the aim of providing the best quality, nicest tags possible.

As pet owners we've experienced the generally poor standard of pet ID tags and knew what we wanted.

We offer a range of tags depending on your choice of style and the size of your pet.

Our classic military dog tags bring a militaristic style as well as being super hard wearing. The tags are stainless steel and the embossing will never wear out. It's stamped into the metal.

The military tags also feature silencers which dampen down the sound a bit and with the larger size you have a choice of colours.

Our circular stainless steel tags are super hard wearing and marked with our dot peen marking machine which provides text that will basically last forever.

The circular tags are also 0.9mm thick and pretty much indestructible.

Our black laser etched tags give a real touch of class with high contrast text and the ability to squeeze a lot of text on to the tags if necessary.

Take a look at the options below and don't hesitate to contact us if you've got any questions or special requests.

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Personalised heavy duty 38mm (1.5") stainless steel pet ID tag

The perfect pet tag for larger active dogs.


Personalised heavy duty 25mm (1") stainless steel pet ID tag

The perfect pet tag for small to medium sized active dogs or cats.


Small pet military style I.D. dog tag

These dog tags are smaller in size and perfect for small dogs and cats.


Personalised black heavy duty 38mm / 1.5" stainless steel pet ID tag

Stealthy black finish 38mm (1.5") circular pet tag.


Personalised black heavy duty 25mm (1") stainless steel pet ID tag

Stealthy black finish 25mm (1") circular pet tag.


Military style pet I.D. dog tag

Ideal for medium to larger pets, our 304 grade stainless steel pet dog tags are...


Personalised black laser etched aluminium pet ID tag

Anodised aluminium 50mm x 28mm pet ID tag with high visibility laser etching on both sides.


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